Brewery Review: Garrison Brewing (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Garrison Brewing has been in operation for the past 20 years. It can be found across from the Halifax Seaport Market on the Halifax Harbour, where they brew several options (see below for details)! They recently expanded in 2013 and are doing additional renovations currently regarding expansion to their hospitality business. Garrison has been growing at a steady rate, and the increase of interest and support to local vendors and craft beer has increased their popularity drastically!

The main attraction at Garrison is, of course, beer! They offer 5oz. sample glasses which sell for $2 each. They also have flights which hold 5 sample glasses (a total of $10). You can choose from a various amount of flavours and styles available on tap, which include their core brands and seasonal.

Their core brands include Tall Ship, Seaport Blonde, Irish Red, Raspberry Wheat, Hoppy Buoy and Nut Brown. Many of these can be found in liquor stores across the country, with their focus being in Atlantic region. Otherwise, on tap they have seasonal such as Pucker Up (a pomegranate, hibiscus, sour kettle beer, like a tart sour and has a beautiful red color), Sour to the people (another sour kettle beer with a green apple sour), New Scottish Ale (a smokey, caramelized with hints of coffee) and Rhubarb (similar to a Belgian wheat ale, that has hints of rhubarb). All very delicious and their availability offers something for everyone… Including a cider!
Garrison can be found at 1149 Marginal Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia


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