Shopping Haul:

Okay, we all see those sponsored ads on Instagram. They are appealing, the prices are ridiculously good, and you just keep coming back to them. Seems too good to be true, you avoid ordering anything UNTIL someone else does it first… I decided to be that person first.

I ordered two bathing suits from Zaful and they are honestly adorable. I will admit I am not the lightest chested person, and these still managed to fit me almooost perfect (there was a little side boob showing, but I am not complaining). The first one I ordered was a black halter top with pineapple bottoms, the second is floral high waist bottoms with matching sports bra-like top. The top in this one was way smaller than the others, but the bottoms were still worth the price. The two bathing suits together (all expenses included) came to under $50 Canadian! That’s quite a steal considering that is what the price of most bathing suit tops are here!

Check out:

*I am no way promoted by any products or brands that I have shared reviews for.


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