Book Review: You are a Bad Ass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

I completed this novel written by Jen Sincero today! I read Jen’s first book How to be a Badass in 2014 while waiting during (what felt like) the longest layover ever in Los Angeles. The book was a great read, made you self-aware, reflect and motivate to create change in your life. It was a great find in an airport, and thus, when I stumbled upon her second novel I knew I had to buy it.

This novel is more to motivate you to save your money, or better yet, how to create wealth when you feel like you don’t deserve it, or don’t know where to find it. Jen writes about several methods that worked for her to reach success and go from 30-thousand-dollar salary a year to a multiple six figure earner!

I don’t want to give away all the details, but if you are looking for a positive viewpoint of money, how it is not the devil, that debt is not always bad, how to motivate yourself to get up, and get shit done, then go buy this book. Use it. Do what she says. Do what she asks. You will become more self-aware, but ultimately, it will guide you in your first steps from sleeping in a run-down apartment to living in the condo of your dreams!


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