Tall Ships in Halifax, Nova Scotia

As you know, I am currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is a beautiful city located in the Maritimes (Atlantic Region) of Canada. We have a huge port and this provides our city with the opportunity to do many waterfront activities and events.

This year one of the bigger events is the Tall Ships which are traveling throughout the world to show their unique designs, history, and characteristics. As seen below, the port is about 5km of waterfront boardwalk in length and the boats lined the entire Harbour along Halifax city waterfront. There were some boats that stood out, such as those that resembled pirate ships (see below). Over all, it was unique to see this activity take place in our community of less than half a million people, and it was a great event for all ages!

Halifax Harbour offers many other great venues including dozens of restaurants and cafes (i.e.: The Bicycle Thief, Stubborn Goat, Gahan House, Murphy’s, The Waterfront Warehouse and more)! It is a must-see stop while visiting in Halifax. Tourists and locals alike use the waterfront at their leisure to enjoy an afternoon or evening by the water, while being in the center of the city.



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